Stacked Youth Groups at Celebration

Friday Evening for Dinner & Worship


What happens when you start stacking Youth Groups on top of each other? You get a large group of students coming together to experience life in community as they get to know each other. Friday Night at Celebration, we’re integrating a Stacked Youth Group into the Worship Service.

It’s so important to have our young people at Celebration! It’s a reminder to our Conference that Youth matter and are making a difference in our communities. It’s a reminder that the Youth in our churches want to participate in the larger body of Christ, not be confined to their Youth Room or to Youth Activities.

When you bring students on Friday night to Celebration you help students experience the wider body of the Covenant! Students are exposed to Covenant Identity, Conference Wide Worship, and



What time should we arrive? Do we get dinner?

Plan on coming for dinner at Celebration. We know traffic can be terrible in the Bay Area so leave as soon as you can. Dinner will be served at 6:00 PM. If you can’t make it for dinner, have students pack a sack dinner and eat on the way to Hillside Covenant Church.

What will our students do that evening?

We want students to participate in the worship gathering Friday Evening. We’ve asked for a section of the programming to be a “Stacked Youth Group Activity” so the wider non-youth of the Covenant can experience what we do together! Having students in the room changes the atmosphere and reminds everyone there that youth matter!

Is it really worth it to come for one evening?

Yes! You’ll really never know the good that’s done when youth are in the midst of adults in worship. I can say it over and over but you have to experience it from an adult in the room. Too often adults in our churches don’t see young people in worship, paying attention, or responding to the message. The opportunity to showcase Stacked Youth Groups is huge! We want our churches to know how wonderful our Stacked Youth Group Nights are and to encourage their Youth Groups to join us!

what does this cost?

It’s free! We really want you there!

Where is hillside covenant church?

Hillside Covenant Church 2060 Magnolia Way, Walnut Creek, CA 94595