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The 117th PSWC Annual Meeting will be Saturday,

April 6, 9 AM - Noon.

All are welcome!

Business includes:

Board election, PSWC b

udget, Ministry Updates!

The 117th PSWC Annual Meeting.

Cost is $40/per person.  This includes:  Meals and program from Friday, April 5 at 2 PM - Saturday, April 6 at noon.


How does a church authorize delegates?

  1. Select persons who will attend as delegates from your church. (If you are wondering how many delegates you may send, click the button below. The chart lists how many each church may bring.)

  2. By Tuesday March 12, please have your church Chairperson, Pastor, or their authorized representatives submit delegate names via the button below. They will need the names and emails of the delegates your church is sending to Celebration. (It’s that easy!)

  3. Be sure to register all delegates!


What’s a delegate?

In the Pacific Southwest Conference, the PSWC Annual Meeting is the highest constituted authority.  It’s each member church’s privilege to participate in the PSWC Annual Meeting through Delegates. (Voice and vote).  Churches who are not yet ECC member churches may send Advisory Delegates. (Voice, no vote).   All other attendees get to sit closer to the snack tables.