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Building Healthy Marriages in Your Church

Bible-based therapist, author, and speaker Doug Britton, MFT has counseled approximately 1,000 couples.  Drawing from this experience, he has written “Marriage by the Book,” a practical, Bible-based series of books.  Learn the powerful way teaching on family in small groups, using these materials, has saved marriages, strengthened families and significantly impacted the growth story of Bayside, Citrus Heights

Doug Britton, MFT

Craig Sweeney, Pastor of Bayside Citrus Heights

Ministry & Real Estate: Carving A Path from Leasing to Owning 

Learn how mission and vision connect with the process of acquiring a church building or facility.  This seminar will outline the process and the important relationship between the Conference, National Covenant Properties, a local real estate agent and the local church property committee.  A recent successful example in the PSWC will be highlighted.


Scott Nelson, Senior Pastor, Covenant Grove Church

Joe Muratore, Modesto Covenant Church & Principal NAI Benchmark

Rollie Persson, National Covenant Properties – Real Estate Services

Will Davidson, Pacific Southwest Conference – Real Estate Liaison

5 Practices of Churches Reaching and Keeping Young Adults - "Dones" and "Nones" 

Understand how effective evangelism and our Christian witness look different than a generation ago, and learn 5 practices of churches reaching, incorporating, and growing young adult disciples.  

Beth Seversen, Evangelism Director, Evangelical Covenant Church


Communicating Well in Conflict 

Words have the power to defuse - or enflame - any conflict.  PSWC Director of Ministerial Health, Jean Cheng Gorman, shares insights for navigating through conflict as well as practical ways to avoid landmines and build bridges.

Jean Cheng Gorman, PSWC Director of Ministerial Health

Our Top Three

Do you hunger for greater health and missional movement in your ministry context?  Colleagues John Wenrich and Paul Wilson team up to share their three best insights for pastors and leaders who share this deep desire.

John Wenrich, ECC President-Elect

Paul Wilson, Superintendent


The Reinventing Leader:  How to Bring Change When You’re New — Or Want a New Start!

Whether you’re new to your role or organization, or an existing leader who wants to do something new with people who don’t yet know you well, you know that bringing change can be exhausting and difficult.  We will look at how to become a reinventing leader — why it’s important, different types of change, and strategies and processes for success.  

Leader:  Angela Yee, Consultant/Leadership Coach



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Crescendo – Lives of Lasting Purpose for Boomers and Beyond!

An age-wave of tsunami proportions is here, as 10,000 people have turned 65 each day since 2011 and will continue to do so through 2029. Is your church ready to respond to this exciting challenge and opportunity?  Join us as we introduce you to Cresendo, and explore opportunities, challenges, and a framework for holistic ministries by, with, and for Boomers and beyond.

Lynda Delgado, Crescendo Team

Stan Long, Pastor Emeritus, South Bay Community Church

Sharon Stenger, Consultant/Coach

Pastor y Gerente

Pastorear una iglesia es mucho más que enseñar los domingos. Todo pastor y líder también necesita gerenciar. En este taller, aprende a identificar y a cultivar los diferentes papeles gerenciales que pastores y líderes juegan en la operación de la iglesia.

Jairo Ospina, Consultant

Preparing for Guests

Most of us are pretty good at making visitors to our homes feel like guests.  From the interior space to hospitality, let’s explore ways to create a church-wide culture that makes guests feel as if we planned especially for them!

Pat Stark, PSWC Associate Superintendent and Julie Wenrich, Church Interior Design Consultant