PSWC Celebration 2017

April 27 - 29, Thursday 5 PM - Saturday 1 PM

University Covenant Church - Davis, CA | 315 Mace Blvd, Davis, CA

What is it like to gather for two days with brothers and sister from across our region?   Don’t miss this chance to grow in understanding, laugh with new friends, spark the imagination, and experience God together!  Register today!

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Darryl Scarbrough

David Nystrom

Mark Oestreicher

Andrew McCourt

Flor Graterol



Ministerial Association: Thursday 5:30 PM - Friday 2 PM

Everyone Gathering: Friday 2 PM - Saturday 1 PM



Ministerial Association  $50

Everyone Gathering        $50


Contact the hotels to make a reservation and note Celebration 2017 for the event rate.  We encourage you to book a hotel room early, as each hotel as a cut-off date.

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Road Trip is back and you don't want to miss it! Youth workers, adult volunteers, and student leaders -- this leadership event is for you!  



Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions and our best responses!


MINISTERIAL ASSOCIATION (M.A.),  Thursday 5:30 PM - Friday 2 PM


5 PM / Check-in

5:30 PM / Dinner Onsite

7 PM / Evening Worship - Darryl Scarbrough preaching

After Hours / Newcomers Gathering



7 - 8:30 AM / Latino Breakfast - Caffé Italia -- 1121 Richards Blvd, Davis

7:45 – 9 AM / Optional Breakfast - Second Chair Leaders - ONSITE

8 AM / Onsite Check-in

9 - 9:50 AM / Session 1 - David Nystrom

10:00 - 11:05 AM / Testimonies of pastors seeking ECC Ordination

11:15 - 12:05 PM / Session 2 - David Nystrom

12:20 - 1:45 PM / M.A. Business Meeting over box lunches


EVERYONE GATHERING, Friday 2 PM - Saturday 1 PM


1:30 PM / Onsite check-in

2:05 - 3:45 PM / Opening Session with Mark Oestreicher

5:15 - 6:30 PM / Dinner Onsite

7 PM  / Evening Worship - Andrew McCourt preaching

After Hours / Newcomers Gathering


8 AM / Onsite check-in

9 AM / The 115th PSWC Annual Meeting with devotions by Flor Graterol

12:30 PM / Box lunches

Celebration 2017 F.A.Q.

 Do I need to register by a certain date?

Hotels have cut-off dates 3/25  - 4/4.  Please register for Celebration and secure your hotel before April 4 to be insured a hotel room!  Some area hotels are already full.

Be sure to register by 4/19 to be guaranteed meals.  4/19 is also the last day to register online.  Registration will be available onsite, but with an additional walk-on fee.

What’s a delegate?

In the Pacific Southwest Conference, the PSWC Annual Meeting is the highest constituted authority.  It’s each member church’s privilege to participate in the PSWC Annual Meeting through Delegates. (Voice and vote.)  Churches who are not yet ECC member churches may send Advisory Delegates. (Voice, no vote.)   All other attendees get to sit closer to the snack tables.

How many delegates may our church send?

ECC Member congregations shall be entitled to representation as follows:

  • congregations up to 99 members, two delegates;
  • congregations with 100 to 224 members, three delegates;
  • congregations with 225 to 449 members, four delegates;
  • congregations with 450 to 699 members, five delegates;
  • congregations with 700 to 999 members, six delegates; plus one delegate for each additional 400 members beyond 1000

Churches who are not yet ECC Member congregations may send 2 advisory delegates.

How does a church authorize delegates?

Churches authorize delegates by completing a delegate credential form specific to your church.  You'll find forms here:  Thanks for completing and returning your form by 3/17/17 (or there abouts.)   Questions regarding credential forms may be sent to

Can a pastor be a delegate?

Yes, pastors may serve as church delegates.  Non-delegate pastors who are in good standing with the PSWC Ministerial Association may register as advisory delegates. 

Are there publicity brochures this year?

We steward dollars received from churches with great care.  This year we skipped printed brochures in an effort to save both money and staff time.  Please forward the web link from this site to persons at your church who need publicity.

Can my friend or spouse attend the Ministerial Association Gathering?

Absolutely!  We would love to have them join you.  Please register them.

Are meals available for individual purchase?

Thanks for asking.  If you are attending any portion of the Ministerial Association Gathering, we ask you register for the whole event.  This covers costs for Thursday dinner and Friday lunch.  If you are attending Saturday, your Friday meal ticket is already provided; you won’t want to miss Friday night’s worship!  Friday dinner is available for purchase if you’re not able to stay for Saturday.

Is financial aid available?

We desire that every church be represented at every Celebration!  If finances make it extra challenging to participate, please let us know your need.  Modest travel assistance is available for pastors and leaders who will benefit from this.  Email:

Are refunds available?

Yes!  Refunds will be processed post-event and will include a small processing fee.  Email: Thanks! 

To whom may I write with my question?

Please write to with registration questions.  Questions regarding credentials for the Annual Meeting may be directed to  Thanks!